Trying Something New: ThredUp

I'm slowly losing weight, many of my old clothes are reaching the end of their lives. I need new clothes.

Clothes cost money. Even when I wait for a flash sale, things are still pretty expensive. If I wait until an item goes on clearance, it is likely not going to be in my size.

Another piece of the puzzle is the girls. They are growing, and they also need clothes.

That means I need to stretch my budget even further. With the girls I have lucked out with sales at Kohls and my neighborhood garage sale sites. I haven't been as lucky with finding things for myself.

As I focus more on my career, I need to step my my wardrobe and replace the things that no longer fit/are just worn out.

One solution I have found is ThredUp. It is online consignment shopping, and so far it is working pretty well. The site allows you to set up your account with your size information, so it will bring up things in the sizes you want. You can set up a price range that you are comfortable in paying for a…

Best Laid Plans

I sat down and crafted a list of blog topics last night, and the plan was start working through that list tonight. It was going to be the start of a true reboot of this old thing.

While I had planned on picking my stepdaughter up at the Boys and Girls Club after work I didn't plan on:
1) The amazon parrot needing me to make a food stop on the way home
2) My stepdaugher wanting me to watch her practice for color guard
3) That working on our budget would take nearly as long as it did.
4) Being this exhausted for no particular reason

Now I sit here with a basset hound in my lap, and I am awkwardly trying to type on my laptop without disturbing him.

This won't  be the blog I wanted to write tonight. It won't  be carefully crafted. That blog post will have to wait.

Sometimes  you have to roll with the unexpected.
Sometime you have to focus on what is really important. That means acknowledging that you have to make sure your priorities are in check.
Sometimes you have to concede…

Knowing My Heart

I've been frustrated by my career, and I have been excited about my career.

I applied for a position outside the college. I was interviewed (which was awesome) but I did not get the job. It was encouraging because even with it being a stretch (I met the minimum requirements) I still was interviewed. It was frustrating because it wasn't until I got the rejection email that I realized how much I am ready to start looking to my future.

 I've been frustrated because the positions I can see myself excelling in, are currently held by amazing people that aren't going anywhere.

I'm excited to see where things go with our restructure, but I am unsure that it will open any doors for me in the near future. The opportunities created may be for those who are already in leadership roles that are ready for that next step. Right now I'm not one of those people.

I'm not unhappy where I am, but I really do feel that tug of wanting more.

I had a friend recently tell me that …

Bright Spots in a Long Week

Its finals week (at work). I've been working long days all week...and I have another one tomorrow.
I have a big paper due on Sunday
Tomorrow is Relay for Life here, so I will be going from work to Relay

Things are a bit crazy. By the time I'm home from work, I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open to do my homework. I'm still not sure how I will make it all work. Then why I am I taking the time to blog? Because even with the worst of things, there are bright spots worth sharing.

Today one of the disability support advisors copied me on an email reply from a former student. I wasn't sure why she had at first (he was not asking a testing question), but then I saw the closing line from his email to her. He had sent "greetings" to her, my supervisor and...and well me.

A few years ago, Mark and I were on our way to Gatlinburg. I had taken Friday off so we would have a long weekend. While we were on the road, I received an email from the same advisor…

It is going to be a long quarter

Being in grad school has been challenging. So far I've been been successful. It has been quite a bit of work.  It has meant late nights, a few all nighters, and giving up time with my family.

Has it been worth it: Yes.

This quarter is my first Community College intensive course. The instructor is tough but fair. That being said this quarter is a whole new ball game. How she grades is tougher than past instructors, but she gives good and honest feedback. Really that is what  I need.

It is going to take a whole new level of dedication to get through this. I'm not exactly sure how I will make it work (just yet), but I know I will figure it out. This degree is a pretty big milestone for me. I want to go it right.

I know it is going to get tough. I know I will have to put in the time and effort to make it all work. I made a choice to go after my goals and dreams, I can't get scared now. It is time to buckle down and get focused.

One of those days

Last Tuesday when I went to bed, I had my Wednesday planned

1) I was going to get up early to ensure I would have time to look nice for my annual performance evaluation
2) I also needed to get in early to set up our overflow lab we had an Enrollment Event
3) I had everything I needed for the day lined up and ready to go.
4) It would be a busy day, but a pretty good one.

After we went to bed, things went down hill quickly.

Mark started having an asthma attack. Lily tried to "heal him with her love" so I was trying to keep her out of his face...the last thing he needs is a shedding basset hound in his faceRight after Mark finally falls asleep, Tank has one of his "sleeping accidents" I get that cleaned up, and then him back to alarm goes off shortly after thisI don't get up right away, and when I do I have a killer headacheI don't look a nice as I would like when I leave.I don't arrive at work early enough to get everything done so I opt to set up…

Oakwood Resort: A quick weekend getaway

Last weekend Mark and I took a quick trip up to Northern Indiana. We stayed at Oakwood Resort in Syracuse, IN. The resort is on Lake Wawasee, and it is exactly what we needed for a quick weekend away.

The stay was actually my Valentine's Day gift, but this was the first weekend we could get away. I was pretty excited to get out of dodge for even just a night.

The resort has spacious rooms, and even those with a courtyard view still had pretty amazing views.  Each room has a Keurig (seriously) and a mini fridge. The grounds were clean and beautiful. It was great to be able to walk around and enjoy the scenery.

Okay...the on site chapel was a little creepy

We enjoyed walking on some of the paths around the resort, and just sitting lakeside for the afternoon. 
We opted to eat at the onsite restaurant, but there are other options in town.  That being said, we were not disappointed. The food was amazing. At check in the reccomended we call and reserve a table. They thankfully still had…