Rolling With It

This week hasn't been super great...and it is only Tuesday.

So far
1) Our Crock Pot died
2) I ordered a pair of boots, and they sent the wrong size
3) I've been swamped at work. I'm not sure how I am going to get everything that needs done completed before I leave work tomorrow.
4) The second pair of boots I ordered (to replace the ones that were the wrong size) were adorable. Those were not the boots delivered to my house. I don't have time to order new ones
5) The crock pot I ordered to replace the dead one arrived damaged, and I needed to make tonight's dinner in it. I meal prep, so any deviation of the meal plan can be tricky.
6) Tank had surgery about a month ago. The mass was located in his ear and there was nothing to stitch up the wound. Every time the wound is almost healed up, he breaks it open again
7) An impromptu trip to the west side of town last night meant I missed Zumba

FACT: At one point yesterday I may have wanted to sit in the dark, in my pjs wi…

It has been too long

I unintentionally stepped away from my blog three and a half years ago...and I am not sure why.

I've missed it. My other half has started a blog and a You Tube channel for board game reviews, and I've enjoyed thinking of ways to grow his social media presence, but I hadn't really put much thought into my own.

So what has happened in the past three and a half years?

The highlights
1) We bought a house
2) We adopted a senior basset hound named Wallace
3) I was promoted to an Assistant Director level job
4) We hospice fostered a basset hound named Mo (cancer)
5) We had to put Mo down
6) We adopted  Basset hound named Lily
7) The step kids grew up: One is 13 an the other is 10
8) We had to put Wallace down (cancer)
9) Mark has been unemployed twice
10) We adopted a senior basset hound named Tank
11) Mark got way into boardgames
12) Mark developed an almost addictive relationship with Kickstarter (I joke..but seriously every time I turn around another game is being delivered).

At A Crossroads

As many of you know, I have been sitting on the fence in regards to my photography and whether it is a hobby or a part time gig.

I have been on the fence for so long because every time I have myself talked in to doing more, I get scared:
1) Getting a real site will cost money
2) I will eventually need to buy more (expensive) equipment
3) What if I suck

This summer, I watched a photographer, using the same camera I have take pictures for the girls softball team and thought "hey I can do that."

We had a professional development speaker who tasked us with reconnecting with our passion.

Ivy Tech is having an exhibition for staff, and that has really kicked my passion back into gear. I am entering 3 pieces.

Since then I have opened a store on Zazzle

I have researched and picked a stock photo site I am going to work with.

So what is next? Do I take the plunge, start a web site and see what happens?  If so, I want to do it before the exhibition.  Do…

Happy Father's Day

Admittedly, Mom did get a shafted a bit as Mother's Day was the Sunday after finals AND the second day of Relay for Life (yes I slept like a baby that day).  It isn't that I don't love her, or anything like that...I was just being lazy
Here is a little tribute to Norm:

Three Years Later

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss her.  Today I miss her a little more. 

Three years ago today, I went into work after a crazy night.  Dr. Narra had ordered that my dad be moved to Bay Park Hospital after two trips to the ER at Fulton County had lead to 2 misdiagnosis, frustration and a doctor giving my mom a print out of a effing Wikipedia page. effing Wikipedia page.  Super professional and classy there Fulton County.

I received a text shortly after my Saturday shift start that said had a stroke.  Mom kept telling me to just wait until after she met with the neurologist. For some reason, I just couldn't accept it. I just had a feeling that I needed to get  I called my boss. She gave me permission to to leave early and then come in late on Monday.
I ran home, haphazardly through some clothes together (I could always borrow clothes from Mom if I needed to), grabbed my cage of nesting cockatiels and hit the road. I never could have know…

Dear Sprint

Dear Sprint,

Less than a year ago, I bought a Galaxy S II. I do love the phone, but I am now on my third one because of a common issue with the phone. I reached out to you guys, and you sent me a different model to try this time (as each of the S IIs has had the same issue).

The phone arrived today. It was late when I came home, but I still wanted to check it out (even if I didn't have time to do anything with it). I opened the phone box, and I was a bit disappointed by what I saw.

Please, don't take this as me being ungrateful. I do appreciate the option to try a different phone. I have not even tried the phone yet. It could be amazing.

When the rep explained the new model to me, he said it was about the same size as the S II. This phone is really more like half the size of my current phone. It is effing tiny. It also has significantly less memory...which is something I was not told, but a memory card can fix that. Here's the thing though, did the tech support guy h…

Odd Timing

I was going to write a different blog today...but some news changed that.

I am doing Relay for Life again this year with Mark's family. Last year I bought Luminarias in memory of my Papaw and in Honor of my Uncle and Godmother. I was going to do it again, but I kept forgetting. Oh, I will do that tomorrow, and then the day would go by and they still were not purchased.

Today, I promised myself it would get done. Today I found out I have one more to buy. Today I found out my friend Laura has breast cancer.

Laura and I are unlikely friends. We grew up in the same town, but we were in very different social circles. She (and her friends) probably thought I was quiet and a bit strange. I thought she and her friends were loud and a bit stuck up (in retrospect some of that was jealousy on my part. They were skinny and popular, I was neither). Bottom line: we were both too busy being stupid teenagers to actually get to know each other. The Christmas after Mom died, Laura reached out …