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Happy Birthday Norm

It's Dad's birthday today.

Last year, I couldn't get home for his birthday. It was Belt It Out Semi Finals, and I had to work. I came home the next weekend after Finals. I was out until 3:00 a.m. and then on the road by 8:00. I wanted to get there in time to take him to Tony Packo's for lunch. It was one of the most successful meals out we had together after the stroke. No spills. No mess. No cursing. (He was blind an only had use of his non dominant hand...spills, messes and cursing usually came standard with meal time: It was 100% understandable).

He had us buy an extra pack of Packo's Dogs and chilli for the staff at the Assisted Living facility. Then he tried to pay for his own birthday dinner. That was my Dad 1) trying to take care of the staff 2) He didn't want me spending my money on him.

It is a great memory.

Still, I miss him today. The only thing I want to do is call him, but I can't.

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