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Question: OK it isn't malpractice, but they still misdiagnosed a stroke. Why can't we do anything about it?

Let's say a doctor makes a negligent mistake. This mistake does not cause the death of the patient or there is no proof that there was an impact their quality of life, should their be consequences? I'm not talking about monetary consequences (malpractice law would never allow for that). If they make a mistake, should they have to pay for it in some fashion?

I ask this as the daughter of a man who was misdiagnosed (and sent home once) by 2 different ER doctors on the same day. Neither of them would listen to my father or my family. Their failure to care for my father may not have had any baring on his stroke, but their choices were obviously negligent. Simply checking his medical background or calling his PCP could have changed what happened June 4-5. Instead, they didn't properly diagnose my father. They didn't admit my father. Our PCP had to have him transported to another hospital in the middle of the night and that is where things get worse. The following night, my s…