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Wednesday rant
First: My Car
Okay, Firestone has had my car since SUNDAY they just today told me that they can't get the part to fix my car so it has to go to the dealer....WTF why couldn't they tell me that before now? So now I am having it towed to the dealer...and I am waiting on them to tell me if they can fix it. The good news is after a Jennifer tell off session (just a word of warning...don't ever piss me off. My own father doesn't want to be in the same state with me when that happens. The good news is I am usually content just to be angry with me not other people) , Firestone is not charging me for anything. Now I just have to worry about the dealer.

Since I have been stranded since Sunday, it has given me time to work on writing projects. Granted there was a lot of stuff I wanted to get done before Amy got here, but rethinking some of my current projects was agood thing. Also Associated Content has started paying us additional money for our page views, s…
Random post time folks...yay!

If I could be a TV character...I would want to be a combination of these guys:
Abby--NCIS: She's the perfect blend of dark and happy. She has a great sense of humor and pretty much gets along with everyone. Occasionally she gets into a mood and can be a brat. She has her not so great moments, but she always recovers. I love the wardrobe most times. Now I just need the added height and to be a great deal smarter.
Chloe-- 24: She isn't as happy as Abby. She doesn't dress nearly as cool. She doesn't always play well with others. However, if I need a computer expert to get me top secret information, buy me some time, or any of the other things she seems to be able to do...she's the one I'm calling. As I have said before I'm not sure how she stays alive...but I'm glad she does.
Elliott-- SCRUBS: Yes she is naive and neurotic...not 2 things I really strive to be; however, but she looks for the good in people. She loves pe…