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Things I Learned This Weekend

Randomness that doesn't warrant it's own blog...but is worth mentioning.

1) As I mentioned on personal space rules *may not* be as clear to others as I had thought. There may need to be a refresher class taught.
2) Just because a garbage bag isn't full, doesn't mean I need to put more in it. I need to see how heavy it is first. Getting it to the dumpster: not a problem. Getting it in the dumpster, while I stand on my toes to hold the dumpster lid open with one arm is.
3) I really do love getting to know new friends.
4) I need new running shoes.
5) I really, really, really, do not like driving in dense fog. It is that whole not liking surprises issue. I like being able to see if there is something that can hurt me coming my way.
6) My birds do not handle change well. I tried to take away a cage they never use...and it did not go over well.
7) I can go the whole weekend without turning on the TV
8) Even after living here for almost 10 years, I'm prett…

What's the first thing you check when you turn on your computer?

Home Computer: My tweetdeck screen. I know I have access to all those accounts on my phone, but I like being able to see them all in one place. At Work: My work e-mail. it is the first thing I tackle every morning.Ask me anything

Long Lines: What is worth the wait

I'm a reasonably patient person. However, I still cannot stand waiting in line for an unreasonable amount of time, Waiting twenty minutes in line at Best Buy *right* before Christmas is reasonable. Twenty minutes during most of the rest of the year not so much.
Cedar Point - Sunset HDR I once spent 4 hours at the BMV and I only left with 3/4 of what I was there to do. I'm not sure *why* my birth certificate that was perfectly fine to get through customs and to get a passport was "too dark" for the state of Indiana. It was though. Lines like that make me crazy. I had to wait over an hour to be prescreened. Then another hour for my test. I was bounced back to prescreening who finally put me in the queue to speak with someone. Why? It was drawn out, and frustrating.

There are a few things that are worth the horrendous lines:

1) Getting on a cruise ship. Come on. You are going on a cruise. Yes, the check in line is long, and that laptop you *had* to bring is heavy, but it…