Things I Learned This Weekend

Randomness that doesn't warrant it's own blog...but is worth mentioning.

1) As I mentioned on personal space rules *may not* be as clear to others as I had thought. There may need to be a refresher class taught.
2) Just because a garbage bag isn't full, doesn't mean I need to put more in it. I need to see how heavy it is first. Getting it to the dumpster: not a problem. Getting it in the dumpster, while I stand on my toes to hold the dumpster lid open with one arm is.
3) I really do love getting to know new friends.
4) I need new running shoes.
5) I really, really, really, do not like driving in dense fog. It is that whole not liking surprises issue. I like being able to see if there is something that can hurt me coming my way.
6) My birds do not handle change well. I tried to take away a cage they never use...and it did not go over well.
7) I can go the whole weekend without turning on the TV
8) Even after living here for almost 10 years, I'm pretty much lost without my GPS...or I just will take the long way everywhere.
9) I apparently still do not look my age.
10)  Rule reinforced (I already knew this, but it came in handy): Be realistic. Know your limits.


Kanga said…
rule #1 - do not touch Jenni.
if all else fails refer to rule 2.
Rule #2 - do not touch Jenni.

IF you fail rule number 1 AND rule Number 2 it would be in your best interest to have been invited to break rule #1.


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