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Thank God it is Friday!!! I know I keep promising a Red Gage update...and tonight it will happen. I have lots of great things to post there, but the site is in Beta. That means it isn't always working right. I am hopeful we have all the bugs worked out soon.

I've made this all so great decision to start a week in review blog on Common Sense Police. I kept coming up with these "ideas" for blogs that just were too short to dedicate to a single blog. Instead of wasting these little gems, I am going to start compling them into one big blog on Fridays. The First one is admittedly a bit lame...but give me some time to hone and perfect them. You can see the first stab here: 9/15 A Week in Review.

I'm also apparently back in favor with the Culturefeast editor (lol I'm so kidding I was never out of favor. He just had several more timely political blogs to get in. I totally understand!) So you can read more about the parent's house fire here.

By the time the weeked i…