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Indiana Punch Crew: The Saga Continues

Almost a month later, we are still trying to resolve things with Indiana Punch Crew.

We filed three complaints:

1) We asked for a refund from Eversave
2) Mark filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau
3) I filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office

1) Eversave could not get us a refund, but gave me an account credit. That is awesome and all, but that means Indiana Punch Crew still has my money for services they never intend to provide. That bothers me.

2) Mark received an e-mail saying that his complaint had been forwarded to Indiana Punch Crew and the BBB was waiting for a response. We have not heard back from the BBB at this time.

We are guessing that the forwarded complaint is the reason Indiana Punch Crew has contacted Mark 3 times since June 6. On June 6 (mind you this is the first we had heard from the company at all since the incident), a woman left a voice mail asking Mark to text her the day we wanted for our appointment. Mark responded to her and explai…