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I'm Thinking it is a Margarita Kind of Weekend (and the weekend starts tomorrow)

Ok and by weekend I mean tomorrow:

Why may you ask?

1) For the friends and things that make me laugh so hard my ribs hurt and I forget about the rest of the world for a moment or two:

If Doug weren't techno-amish...I would almost believe he posted this himself

2) The fear of trying new things:

My First Vlog

And then the fear of trying them again...tomorrow...

3) The memories and upcoming anniversary that make me sad: 2 Sisters Recount Losing Their Mother in Tornado

4) The things that worry me and keep me awake at night

5) The things (yes things) that terrify me because they are totally out of my control. Whether it be the media:

or things in my personal life (which gets no picture(s)...nosy people ;-p).

So for all the good, bad, crazy and otherwise "just me" things in my life...I think tequila is needed.  All are welcome to join :-).