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Life Happens

I apologize to anyone who reads this and wanted to hear it from us first. I am sure with all that has happened over the past few days we missed people. We are very sorry. Just the other day I was saying when you truly care about someone, you put what will make them happy/what they want first.

That is really hitting home right now.

Norm's situation is not getting better. He can't fight the infection in his lungs. He has decided to go off the machines and antibiotics and strictly stick with comfort care through hospice.

Of course we are heartbroken. Yes, there are other options. However, this is what Dad wants. This is what will make him happy. We support and agree with his choice. He can't talk, but is still responsive and still able to nod yes and no.

Right now Dad and are hanging out at the hospital, streaming country music on Pandora, and enjoying our afternoon together. I'm grateful to have this time.

It is going to be a hard weekend, and I'm sure next week will…