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Posting again on Redgage

I am trying to post pictures and a few blogs over on Redgage again.  Redgage pays per page isn't much but if I can get my traffic up it is good exposure and a good way to make a little extra money for doing something I love anyway.

If you get a second head on over and check out some of my new stuff like this one from St John and my older stuff too. Once I get my portfolio over there straightened up I will post new link.

Thanks everyone for your support!

30 Day Challenge: Playing catch up...days 20-23

Due to the birthday and Norm being in the hospital...I fell  little behind.  Here is the catch up blog:

Day 20: Nicknames

JenniJenny (for those who can't spellJenni-jen
Day 21: Favorite Picture of yourself ALL TIME Why?

Meh...hate pictures of me. Seriously. 

If I have to pick I guess I'll go with:


Why? I don't know. I guess I sort of like how I look in them as opposed to most other pictures.
Day 22: What's in your car silver ballet flatsphone chargersync cordrunning shoesblack heelsgarbage bagfolding chairbeach towel12 pack of diet dr pepperjumper cables
Day 23: Favorite Movie
Ok...this will be another one where I break the rules:
Muppet Family Christmas

Emperor's New Groove

The Never Ending Story

The Dark Crystal

and of course