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The view is beautiful from The Strip at Night

My second favorite place to shoot pictures is the Las Vegas Strip at night. don't get me wrong the strip during the day is nice, but I prefer at night. The lights, the buildings, the people, and the energy are amazing. I love the pictures you can take and the new dimension the bright lights give all the buildings.

The view is beautiful from The Golden Gate Bridge

I know this is cheesy and beyond touristy, but I love the Golden Gate Bridge. There is just so much you can see! The grounds are great. You can get tons of pictures of the bridge itself. The Fort around the Bridge is great photography fodder too. From the bridge you can get pictures of the bay, the city and close ups of the bridges towers. I could max out my memory card there easily.

Someday I'll have a Mid Range apartment in San Francisco or Las Vegas

I initially said simple, but I'm sorry having some nice things would be nice. I don't need the best of everything. I just want to have an adequate placed to live, fun clothes, a place for my fids the means to afford it. I want to live in cities I love and that I could fit in better than I could here. I think that is fair.

Clothes I relax in

After a busy weekend, vacation and another busy weekend, I am taking some me time to blog and get my pictures uploaded. Old jean capris and a long sleeved blue shirt are comfortable for sitting around the house. They are not old and ratty, but I'm not going for high fashion.

A Torrid in my town would be nice

I'm a weird shopper. I"m not big into shopping. I'm more of a planned person. I know what i am getting from where and it is done. However, if I like a store I am more likely to jut go in to look. Torrid is one of those stores...but since we do not have one I have to order online. Torrid is a great store. It has casual clothes, dress clothes, and my Goth clothes all in one place. I have ordered enough from them I know my sizes, I woulds still like to buy things face to face.

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

Hotel: Planet Hollywood
Location: Las Vegas
Reason for Trip: Girls Getaway
A friend and I stayed at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas September 21-23. We were pleasantly surprised by our stay.
We booked the Hollywood Hip room under the Drinks are on us promotion, so we received a bottle of liquor for each night we stayed (the promotion has changed to per stay, but our room was booked under the old terms). The room was plenty big. There has initially been three of us, and there would have been plenty of room for a roll-away bed. We were in the White Men Can't Jump room, and there was memorabilia from them movie around the room. The two queen beds were awesomely comfortable. The flat screen TV was nice (but we rarely used it). The bathroom was huge. There was a shower, vanity area, soaking tub and a toilet area. The soaking tub was fabulous after a long day of walking on the strip.
The casino was small, but fun. We stuck mainly to the slots, so we were okay, but bigger gamblers may fin…