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One book I could never finish: Emma the Boring

Back in high school, I of course saw the movie Clueless. Being young, naive and not up to snuff on my cinema snobbery, loved every moment of it. When I heard the movie was based on Jane Austen's Emma, I of course ran out and bought it. This is a choice I will soon regret. The book was boring. I don't typically like chick flicks, so I guess that the same idea applies to books. It was just so not something I would enjoy. The characters annoyed me so much that no matter how well written it is or how great the plot was I was not buying it. I gave up about halfway through. I couldn't see the point of forcing myself to keep reading about characters I hated. No, I don't mean hated in that they drew me into their world and I hated the personalities. I just couldn't stand them. I made the mistake of trying to watch the movie, and that did not end well. Actually, I never saw the end of it. Yes I know it is one of the classics, but it was boring and the characters were p…