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I bought a Car

Chilly Friday mornings aren't always my most productive moments, but I needed to at least price out cars.

I bought my Kia Rio three and a half years  ago. I really did love that car, but she was in need  of a upgrade. I had put too many miles on her, and I needed something better for getting dad out and about.

The first car dealership: Treated me like an idiot
The second dealership: I asked for a specific car I saw online. They showed me 4 other cars, never showed me the one I asked for, and never gave me a price on the 4 they did show me.
Third dealership: No One would wait on me.

Fourth Dealership: I decide just to do a drive through. If something stood out, then I would ask about it. Penske Honda won out that day.

Treated me like a personCame down on the priceGave me a fair trade in price. I am now the proud owner of a Saturn Ion. :)