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I'm a picture geek

I'm a huge photo editing geek. I love photography, and the editing process is many times even more fun. I love perfecting good pictures. I also like playing with the light, color and sometimes even the texture of my pictures. Even a bad picture can be modified into something interesting.

Sometimes I wish I had a better camera, more time to shoot and more content to showcase on my blogs. However, I know being able to take a good photo is a great way to compliment my other media prospects.

So, yes I get giddy about mini photo shoots for a web site revamp. I look forward to the cleaning and editing. My goal is to make them look flawless on that screen. You never want people to be able to tell how much work went into it...make it look simple.

Wednesday Randomness

How can a computer help desk ticket get put it at 7:40 am, and not get help until 3:45
Oh and the only reason that happened is because of a reminder phone call after the ticket's done by target time had passed
I have this strange urge to bleach my bathroom…which I do occasionally but with my allergies and asthma at the moment that could be dangerous. Although, my bathroom and kitchen floors are not tiled, so that will save my lungs a bit.
Today I was on the phone with my mom, and suddenly we are both talking some random guy who some how ended up in our conversation. Yeah that was awkward at first, but pretty funny now.
I keep wondering how long it will take before Mina gets angry enough at Weddnesday to actually do something about her sitting on "her" swing. I'm kind of hoping Weddnesday out grows the swing (it is a parakeet swing) before that happens. Mina is quite the little princess (and can throw royal tantrums), and Weddnesday apparently missed that memo.
I really ca…