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Short but on my mind

Why do we seem to reward inappropriate behavior? I mean why is that when people are rude, condescending and offensive we cave and give them what they want? In my mind, if some one is rude and disrespectful towards me, I am much less likely to make an exception. Now, if the person is nice…or at least civil (I get if you are angry about something nice isn't an option), he or she has a better chance.
If someone wants me to break the rules for them, being a total jerk is not the way to go. However, it isn't most of the world works. Someone throws a temper tantrum, and people ignore all the rules to give them what they want. It doesn't matter if their behavior doesn't warrant the award, they are going to get it anyway. What really irks me is when after someone has been rude and condescending to me (and in today's case my part timer too) and then goes and throws a temper tantrum and tries to get me (us) in trouble because we did our jobs and followed the college polic…