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Why I'm Filing a Complaint against a vet

I know even an emergency animal clinic is a business. I know that businesses need to make money. I know that avian care is expensive, but I recently experienced something completely repulsive. My father recently had a medical emergency. I made the trip back to Toledo with all five of my birds to spend some time with him after he was released from the hospital. Everything was fine. Everyone fared the car ride well, and nothing seemed wrong. Then I came home from lunch one day and found my girl parakeet at the bottom of the cage. She was all puffed up. I checked all the usual suspects. She didn’t have an nasal discharge, there was not change in her…um well…excrement, and actually when I got her out of the cage she started to perk back up. Then it happened, she had a seizure. We are guessing she had at least one while we were gone, and that is why she wasn’t herself. We called my parents’ vet and they referred us to an Emergency Animal Clinic about 30 minutes away. We made there in 20,…