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What's The Point?

Why have kids play organized sports if we do not teach them the rules?

What is the point of just letting them swing until the hit the ball and then just letting them run the bases?

Why in the hell would you have them stand practically outside the batters box instead of actually teaching them how to properly hit the ball?

Why lie to them about how badly they lost?

Why not try to make them a better team?

Why can't the girls learn to pitch? Coach pitch to 8 and 9 year olds? Really?

What is so wrong with telling them they are doing something wrong. I am not saying beat them with metal hangers or berate the child, but why can't explain what is wrong so they can better themselves?

Guess what? They will never learn to play the game properly if you coddle them.

They will never strive to get better if you do not tell them where they need to improve.

They will never learn how to be successfully be an adult. They will never learn how to learn from their mistakes. They will never realize …