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What Does One Wear??

On May 21, I am attending Methodist Theological Seminary of Ohio's Commencement. My mother was a student there, and she would have graduated this May. The college has decided to award her a posthumous degree. This is very kind, and we are honored they have decided to do this.

Today I was trying to  figure out my plan for that day, when it occurred to me: What does one wear to accept a degree for their mother (who died nearly a year ago)?

Well black doesn't seem fitting (and there goes half my wardrobe)It cannot be too shortIt cannot be to low cut (there goes most of the rest of my wardrobe).So what are my options?
Very obviously this is not going to work:
Maybe something like this, but not in Black?

This had potential...until I noticed those were skulls not polka dots

This has potential

Then I was distracted by this ( is on sale!!)

Okay...more like this?

I just don't know...any suggestions?