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Pet Peeve: Rehoming Fees

I was looking through craigslist today, and I noticed a reoccurring theme. 1) Outrageous "rehoming fees" and  2) lame reasons for said fee.

I am not here to argue  about irresponsible pet owners, or judge anyone who has to rehome a pet. My annoyance is in some of the reasons for the crazy fees.

Okay folks: Rehoming fees are supposed to be affordable fees to ensure the pet gets a good new home.

Rehoming fees ARE NOT supposed to help you recoup expenses. I saw an ad today where a woman was rehoming 3 parakeets and a cage. One of the parakeets has only been part of the flock for a month, so as of a month ago they still wanted birds. I get that things change. However, you chose to buy the birds. You chose to buy the cage. I really don't care if it was pricey. Leave that out of your ad and don't make it part of your rehoming fee.  That tells me you are more about the money than the well being of the pet.

If you want to SELL your pet and supplies, that is fine. However, do…