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30 Day Challenge Day 26: Your favorite mistake

If you actually know me, you know I have my secrets.

My favorite mistakes...all of them are included in the secrets category.

Some may come out when I am drunk, but for the most part they will stay just mine for now.

Going Home

Heading home does have its perks.

I get to see DadI get to see my siblingsI get to see other people who can make time to see meThis trip: Ernesto'sI can listen to 89x All of these are awesome...however...
There are some drawbacks
With exception of Jojos (our "nite club" jealous of our classiness and our $1 old Milwaukee light drafts ) the whole town shuts down by 11...I think the grocery store closes at 8? Want a diet dr pepper at midnight? You have to drive out of town to get it.Our house does not have: internet, cable, or AC...and as I mentioned above...there isn't much to do in town. Typically, I could live without cable. I watch most everything on my computer anyway, but the lack of internet leaves me with nothing to do.People not on the pre approved list will hug me. I will again be depressed by the fact that I can no longer drive 85+ mph down 105 There is typically at least 1 thing I have to do that I am dreading.Honestly, the pros make up for and far exc…