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One month,

Today the Travel blog is one month old...and doing just fine. we are at over 200 page views, and like I said yesterday we are getting hits from search engines, new friends are adding us their blog rolls and we are getting "fans" from all over the world.

Yesterday I discovered a girl in Japan had plagiarized my latest entry. She copied and pasted it into a travel forum she posts to. I've had sites use my work on Associated Content without authorization before, so I check up on my work through Google alerts and engines that can my work and try to find it other places on the net. I know I'm not a world famous blogger, or making my whole living off of this, but I need to do my best to protect my work. This was a mixed bag. Yes I was flattered that she liked my post enough to want to share it, but she didn't credit me for it. The travel blog is not generating revenue as of yet ( but I think we might be headed that way soon) so it wasn't like money was on the line o…

Keeping Busy

We have a new travel blog entry on Hotwire

I ma really encouraged by the travel log. It is really taking off. I am generating traffic off of search engines and most of my traffic is from non-friends. As much as I love my friends and regular readers, it is awesome to see the readership is growing! Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come.

I think I am going to stop using my myspace blog, and start only blogging on here and maybe printnpost...except for more personal be looking here for more full features!

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