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Oakwood Resort: A quick weekend getaway

Last weekend Mark and I took a quick trip up to Northern Indiana. We stayed at Oakwood Resort in Syracuse, IN. The resort is on Lake Wawasee, and it is exactly what we needed for a quick weekend away.

The stay was actually my Valentine's Day gift, but this was the first weekend we could get away. I was pretty excited to get out of dodge for even just a night.

The resort has spacious rooms, and even those with a courtyard view still had pretty amazing views.  Each room has a Keurig (seriously) and a mini fridge. The grounds were clean and beautiful. It was great to be able to walk around and enjoy the scenery.

Okay...the on site chapel was a little creepy

We enjoyed walking on some of the paths around the resort, and just sitting lakeside for the afternoon. 
We opted to eat at the onsite restaurant, but there are other options in town.  That being said, we were not disappointed. The food was amazing. At check in the reccomended we call and reserve a table. They thankfully still had…