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Call me demanding...but I really wish San Fransico was closer

Here are the facts: I do not like winter. I'm even less a fan of snow. I like the ocean, but I'm not a huge beach person. I wish I lived some where warmer, and that I felt like there were more people like me. I wish there were more of cultural center here. I wish that I could find a people group that feels like home...but I have not had luck. Sadly, I live in Indiana...and I just have to deal. If I could afford to just pack up and move to San Francisco, I would. However, that is not a reality. Now, if it were just a little closer so I could just run away for a long weekend without having to fly across the country that would be fabulous. Actually, if we could get moved close enough to enjoy the moderate climate that would be fabulous.

I love the weather, the city, the fog, the culture and the pace of life. Having Chicago nearby is a good consolation prize, but it still has the cold and snow. Honestly, those are the only two strikes against it in the big picture. Still, I would…

No, Not Today. Not on Rex Manning Day!

Have you ever watched a movie and thought "if those people were real I would so be their friend?" OK well maybe I haven't either, but when I think of my favorite movies I know I relate to some of the characters. That is part of the reason I love them. If I had to pick one movie that I think I could be friends with the characters, that would be Empire Records. The one thing I've always noted about this movie is how they took a page directly out of "The Breakfast Club." Each character identifies a stereotype and each character has a reason we should not like them. They also have a very human side that allows us to like them despite their short comings. Despite their differences, they all come together and support the little dysfunctional family they have created. They seem like a pretty easy crowd to get along with. Actually, if they can all get along with each other, I should fit in fine. I'm not as good looking or quirky as the cast, but personality wi…

Can't I have both?

Before I had my own computer, I would fill notebook after notebook with stories and ideas. Then when I started using my computer, I still wrote everything on paper. Now I have a hybrid approach.
Laptop Bag - Emptied Really it depends on what I am writing and where my mind is. Sometimes I like being able to sit down with a notebook and pen and spend hours writing out notes. Sometimes my best work comes from using the old school outline method. I have each section planned and listed out, and then I type it from there. I like having the written notes or outline to follow as I go along.

Other times I love just having my laptop. I can sit and just type and type as the ideas come. In times like this the additional structure would just slow me down. I just go with what is going on my head. This is sometimes scary, but it has also been very productive and rewarding.

The loss of a pet is worthy of tears

To most of us our pets our our kids. They greet us when we come home, miss us while we are gone, and are a huge part of our lives. Losing them can be heartbreaking, and well worth a good cry.