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When the Support Fades Away

A friend of mine from high school recently lost her brother in a tragic car accident. My heart breaks for her and her family. As I sat back and watched the flood of comments on her Facebook page, the friend requests from people she hadn't heard from in years, and seeing all these people from back home sending prayers her way, I had mixed feelings. I 100% believe that most (I'm talking like 99%) of those people really do feel awful about what happened, and they want to do what ever they can to help. It isn't fake. It isn't malicious. They really want to be there for her. It is awesome to see a community rally around a family that needs lifted up. As genuine as all that love is, it is amazing how quickly it fades away and sometimes leaves you even more alienated.

Yes, true friends, people who have been through similar situations and family will still be there when the rest fades, but it is interesting to see it first hand.

After our accident, people just kept coming out …