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Our Story Part 2

What happened to us on June 5-6. I've tried to stick to the facts as much as possible. Yes this is about our father, but to totally understand where we are coming from you need to know our whole story. Our father has had a stroke, my mother is dead, and my sister and I have had a front row seat to her death. We are one of a kind, and that makes it hard because no one can truly relate to us. Yes if you have lost a parent or had a very sick parent you sort of get it, but it isn't the same. We haven't been through the worst experience ever. I would be naive to think that there are not more traumatic things to go through, but we are the only 2 people who have been through something like this. There isn't a support group for us (although I am looking to start with a support group to see if that helps ).

June 5: I had to work that morning, but I had already made up my mind to go home. Mom was down playing how serious it was and trying to get me to wait until they had heard…