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Asia, here I come

I can't wait until I can afford to go to Asia. I'm most interested in going to China or Japan. Asian cultures have always amazed me, and I think it would be awesome to experience it first hand. China has always been on the top of the must see list. My interest in Japanese is newer, but I almost think I'd rather go to Japan at this point. I am vfery interested in the fashion and the technology...okay and the sushi.

Next birthday, I'd like to Have a real birthday party

Have a real birthday party
I just haven't had one for a while, and I think it would be interesting. I realize I may have to throw it for myself, but eh it could be worse.
Make it an all night event
I don't sleep my friends should join me....breakfast at 4am anyone??
Spend time with my friends and family
Who else would I rather be with???