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I'm Only Going to Do This Once...

Like the title says...I'm only going to do this once. I will answer any questions you have, but I'm not going to make this a series or my only blogging focus."

Ok...again it has been a while, but this time my absence is much more that "I was busy."

On June 3, I was talking to my mom about picking a resort for our vacation to St Thomas. On June 4, my father had a major stroke. On June 6, my sister and I were following our mother home from the hospital when we were hit by and EF4 tornado. It took my mom's car off the road, and she was killed when her car was struck by debris. My sister's rental car was totaled. We were tossed around and cut by glass, but we were able to walk away from the accident.

There had been a warning, but then it was lifted. We even passed an EMS as we turned on to 795 in the pouring rain, and they didn't know it was coming either. Then the rain and hail stopped. My sister and I saw the green lightening first, and when we turned ou…