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30 Day Challenge: Day 1

As many of you know, my name is Jenni. I am from Ohio, went to school in Michigan and about a decade ago thought Indianapolis was just a stopover...I'm still here.

15 things you need to know:
I hate having my picture takenI'm particular about who I let get close to me (emotionally or physically: see the people who can touch Jenni list)I'm not a huge fan of surprisesI have a short attent...wait. What was I talking about?I'm dyslexicI'm an insomniacI'm sort of the mom of most any groupI'm a little protective of my friends (and by a little I mean if you mess with them I will release the hounds on your arse)I'm a textbook "fixer"I wish I had more time to travelIf I'll write a blog post about it...and it pertains to you...I won't say anything in my blog that I won't (and in most cases haven't already) said to your faceAside from Google maps, I use my own photos in my blogsI love clean laundry...I just hate the trip to the laundromat t…