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Today in a nutshell:

our admin computer in our alternate room has been changed to a printer station (boooo)We had to unplug an IP phone to have another Ethernet line to make our own admin computer (yay creative problem solving)Tables were stacked and left in our alternate room, blocking many of the computers (booo)I moved the double stacked tables farther than my shoulder probably should. (yay...ish)The newer monitors do not like the resolution we need for COMPASS (boo)ATI decided to change our assessment id's, effective today, and not tell anyone until almost EOB. (booo)I had to call ATI and basically demand to get our new IDs so we could test today. (booo)When they did send out our new IDs they sent all of them and the corresponding passwords to all the coordinators statewide. (lol and booo)If some coordinators aren't paying attention, they may accidently use our codes (we were the first ones sent) (billing nightmare: booooo)The GED/ABE folks thought they had our alternate r…