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30 Day Challenge: Day 3: Your first time away from home

When I was younger, I of course went to camp.

 I went on vacation with my grandparents:

I went on youth group trips, band trips, even my senior trip to the Bahamas, but I consider my first time away from home to truly be college.
It was my first time to live "on my own." Honestly, I loved it so much I almost never wanted to move home again. There was no one to report to. There were limited rules. There was no dog to trip over as I tried to fumble through the house in the dark. I could be as independent as I always had wanted. The only thing I missed was the extra space and the things we discovered we needed (that we always used of our parents).
I made some great friends:

and some became lifelong friends

It prepared me for the next phase in my life: and for the next