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My first plane trip, from Detroit, MI to Paris, France

It was the summer I turned 16, and I was all ready to take my first flight. I was ready for three weeks in France, but I was a little worries about the flight. I was actually a little afraid of flying. I mean I had a 9 hour flight to Amsterdam, a lay over and then another flight to Paris. Nothing like making your first flight a flight over the Atlantic. You might as well make it a big splash right??

I was terrified, but as luck would have it, I ended up getting bronchitis right before the trip. My doctor gave me a cough syrup with codeine. That was blessing. Our flight took off out Detroit at 10 pm. and took the codeine shortly after take off. I remember the in flight movie starting and that is about it.I remember my friend Keith waking up and making me walk around the plane. I remember the flight attendant waking me up and having me eat, and then we were landing.

Honestly, it was great. I woke up In Amsterdam rested and without jet lag. It was a perfect start to the trip.