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Damn Chocolate Bunny

I arrived home last night in a good mood. The night hadn't been what I had expected, but I had a good time with my friends. All was good in the world, until shortly after I crawled into bed. This whole first Easter without mom hadn't bugged me one bit until that very moment. What set me off? A Damn Chocolate Bunny.

Of all the things Easter represents, and all the memories I have of the holiday it was candy that I never ate that made me cry. Awesome.

When I first moved to Indianapolis, we started doing Easter here. The family would come up Saturday and we would make dinner here on Sunday. Every year  mom would come bearing a Lindt Bunny. Every year that bunny would get put in a drawer and eventually thrown out. I like chocolate. I really do, but it is something I really try to cut out of my diet.

Once mom got her own church the Easter visits stopped. However, the next time I saw mom there was always a Lindt Bunny waiting for me. Even last year, I didn't make it home until M…