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Times they are a changing

First and foremost: I am no longer a blonde. I have taken the plunge and returned to a reddish brown and I love it. I went with the "color experte" dye where you do the base color and then the highlights. I also know since I dyed over light blonde hair it will probably fade fast. I will have to touch it up around Thanksgiving and then probably again before the cruise. It was time for a change. I hated it just took me so long to get it the right color so I stuck wit it hoping it would grow on me.

Okay...I am so cringing as I hear yet another totally ignorant conversation happening in the common office area. I totally cannot wait for this election for be over. I have no qualms with people having differing opinions, but when they just believe everything the media...and worse satire media feeds them, it makes my blood boil. It makes no difference if you get all your "facts" from Fox News or from CNN...or the Daily Show...people need to get a clue and start b…