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The State of Things

The Bad
In the past 2 days at least 3 of my friends have been colossally screwed over. I do not take kindly to that.I have been made aware of things that I can't understand. These are things that make zero sense and actually hurt the people they are supposed to be protecting.I officially hate selling on craigslist. Apparently, living on the North side AND having a 8-6 work day makes pick up impossible.Unprepared students: Really getting to me today. This is college. Of course you need your student ID number to do business.  My head still is killing me. I need some rest. Soon. The Good

I had taken June 4 and 5 off. First to burn some hours of vacation time (because I will be maxing out soon...if I am not already). And because those days are the 2 year anniversary of the massive stroke and the tornado (aka the 2 days that changed my life pretty much forever). Tuesday I received an meeting invite for  our annual Assessment Coordinator's meeting. This will be a huge meeting: One I …