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I’m afraid to buy a house

Last May, I moved into a renovated apartment in my complex. I like my apartment. I do. It is nice and has new appliances. I love where I live because of the location. I work downtown and my other job and my friends live in the north suburbs. I sometimes wish I lived more in the city, but that is a price I pay for the life I choose to live. My lease is up in May, and I have decided that we need more room. I've looked at other apartments, and I can't seem to find one I like. A few months ago, there were tons of rental homes in my neighborhood but now the only ones available are more than I want to spend on a rental. If I am going to pay that much for a 2 bedroom, I'd rather pay a mortgage.
That leaves me with 2 options. Stay here for another year or buy a house…and that second option scares the hell out of me.
Most people know my biggest fear is getting pregnant…followed by being a parent…next on that list is homeowner ship.
Can I afford it? I live alone. I sort of like l…