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Um they lost my luggage

A few years ago I flew an ATA/Southwest codeshare flight from San Francisco to Indianapolis. I had a early flight out of SFO, a four and a half hour layover in Chicago (Midway) and then I flew the last leg of my trip on Southwest. When I arrived in Indy, I made my way down to the baggage carousel. I watched bag after bag roll by, but none of them were mine. I was not happy. If my connections would have been close I would have been much more understanding, but really in four and a half hours my bags couldn't make it on the plane? Seriously? I was tired, cranky and now seeing red.
I calmed myself down and made my way to the baggage office. I took a deep breath before stepping up to the counter. Yelling at this poor girl was not going to make the situation better. I told her my luggage didn't make my flight. The very nice girl wrote up my report, asked me some questions, and gave me a number to call along with a list of the other Chicago flights for that night and tomorrow mornin…