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Dear Indiana Punch Crew: You Suck

Back in April I bought a deal from Eversave. The deal was for 50% off 2 hours of cleaning services from Indiana Punch Crew.

I bought it because we would be moving mid May, and I wanted help getting my old apartment ready after I had moved out. *Before* I bought the save: 1) I checked them out online. All their reviews were positive. 2) I called the company to ensure that 2 hours was enough time for a post move clean (for a 655 sq ft apartment). They said yes, and we booked at time.

About a week and a half before my appointment, they called and left a voicemail saying they were on their way to my apartment. I called them back as quickly as I could to let them know I wasn't home and that my appointment was not until the 25th. When I called, they apologized. They said they called me on accident, and they confirmed my appointment day and time. Okay, an honest mistake. I can handle that.

Moving day came and went. I returned to my apartment on the day of my appointment. I was planning o…