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A Fiction Update, some other info and general treachery

I turned 30…God help me and keep me from letting the bad thoughts win.
Speaking of the bad thoughts: I hate feeling like I am being replaced…even though I know in my heart it won't happen I just have this irrational worry because I can't always be there.
I have a sponsor! WooHoo! I Should have more coming soon, so just keep your eyes peeled J
If you have been living under a rock all summer and you have not checked out, you are a slacker. It is an awesome site, and I have quite a few awesome blogs over there. I'm bringing my inner TV critic back to life, and loving every minute of it. Yes I have other topics in there too, but it has been great to write for a supportive editor and to get some great exposure.
Rain Tiger Changes: Starting August 1, my focus on is changing. I am still a feature editorial writer, but the topic is changing. Stay tuned for more details there.
The Freelance gig game: Is going well. I am like any freelancer. It takes …

Days like Today

Days like today remind me of who I am and where I want to be. The past week has been full of moments that have made me wonder about where I fit, can I be replaced, am I too old, is it too late, am I trying hard enough, are my priorities in check and where is my life going?
I know what I want. I fear I will never have it. I sometimes feel trapped by my present. Sometimes I see things that worry me. Most days, the good out weighs the bad. I'm making ends meet. I'm taking care of me. Sometimes the fear is enough to keep me motivated when all I want is to be complacent. Other times I look at where I am and realize this isn't where I want to be. It isn't a self pity thing. It is more of a harsh wake up call. I don't want to be here. I don't want this to be my life. I have so many positive and wonderful things in my life. I have no desire for them to go away. I just know I can have more.
I can't be lazy. I can't be too tired after an awful day at work. I can&#…