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It's One of Those Days

I didn't sleep Friday night because I was afraid I was going to oversleep. I had to get up early to finish packing for my weekly trek up north and warm up the car a  bit (since It was  fruh-eezing).

I didn't sleep well over the weekend for various reasons including a headache.

I didn't sleep last night because at first I wasn't tired and then the Thunderstorms kept we awake all night.

Currently, I am tired, grouchy, and just not feeling it.

Days like this make it really easy to feel sorry for myself.
I can't go home for the estate auctions (wasn't given enough notice)My work schedule leaves much to be desired. 10 hour days 4 days a week (I am supposed to take lunch but that rarely happens) and 4.5 -5 hours on Saturday mornings (report time @ 7:00 or 7:30) are killing my. Not getting off until 6:00 makes it hard to get everything done after work and the Saturday mornings have killed my social life.On most weeks I only get to see my boyfriend on Saturdays and Sund…