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What is your Motivation

Why do you do nice things for people? What is the pay off? Why do you care?

I'm good at taking care of people. Really, I am. I get this odd joy out of being a good friend. I want my friends to be happy. It kills me to watch anyone I care about go through a rough time. I will be there in a heartbeat to be supportive. I will go out of my way to help. I will rearrange things to make a situation work. I'm not just saying that to point out "good stuff" I do. I honestly get joy from seeing the people in my life being safe, happy, and cared for. If I offer to do you favor, there typically isn't any malicious intent. I really just want to help. I may not have much to offer the world, but I can at least take care of my friends and family.

Then I see other people who at the surface seem to be on the same page. However, when I look a little closer I see their true intentions. They don't so much care about the people they are helping, but how it makes them look. Don'…