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Music: Best way to mend a broken heart

It has been a while since my last big break up, but it never hurts to have a few songs on file for that next heartbreaking moment. These songs will most certainly be on my next angry break up compilation.After All by Saving Abel I love the lyrics. It speaks to the anger and letting go after a bad break up. The first time I heard it knew it would be the song I play on repeat after my next big break up. So Long by Guster It isn't as overtly angry as After All, but it still is one of those songs that just says how I feel. After the initial hurt goes away the dark sarcasm comes into play. Extra bonus: they use a manual typewriter as a percussive instrument. Everything I'm Not by The Veronica's Have you ever been in a relationship where you bend over backwards to keep your significant other happy? Have you worked hard to be what they want and lost yourself a little in the process? If so, this song is for you. It is very…

My Inner Rockstar's Concert Rider Demands

In an imaginary world where I am thinner and a better singer, I could be quite the rockstar. In that world I can only imagine the fun of a worldwide tour, and of course all the fun perks that come with a tour. Many of those perks come in the form of the concert rider. I can already see my list of crazy requests.Various types of Tony Packo's Pickles
Tony's Packo's is one of the things I miss about Toledo. I must have these to keep my connected to my Toledo roots.Alterna Hair Straightening Balm
I need to have my hair looking my best. Please have this on hand and the voluminous balm would be nice too.An unlimited supply of puffs plus
My allergies are horrendous. My nose will only tolerate the bestAir purifier
Again this is blamed on my allergies. We wouldn't want allergens to hamper my ability to sing now would we?Fruit Flavored Zumpreem Pellet and millet parakeet sized prefered but cockatiel will work
Of course I will have my babies on tour and they have to have th…