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I get by with a little help from the web

I wish I had some funny and cute story about how the internet has helped me out. The internet has helped me in three big ways:

1) Making Money

2) Reconnecting with old friends, and networking

3) Saving Money

Of course there is the making money. I am able to run my own writing business. Now because of my full time job and my other part time job I have a limited amount of time to work on it. So no, I am not supporting myself, but it does help me pay for little things like vacations and nice little extras here and there. My dream is to do this full time, but for now the little extra spending money is nice. Plus it is taking me to Vegas in September.

I love getting to get reconnected with old friends. Even if we don't become BFF's it is cool to see where everyone is. It is also nice to network and get connected with other people I can learn from and support.

I also use the internet to save money. I find travel deals, coupons and research ways to make the buck stretch.I like having op…