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Guilty Pleasure: Burn Notice

I will admit…this show is pretty cheesy. The acting is so-so, but I can't stop watching it. Let me explain:
The "How to" voice overs. Usually, I'm the first one to say using the voiceover is a cheap way to get out of writing dialogue. However, I wouldn't want to watch this show any other way. Yes I am a fan of the How to be spy voice overs. There is something about them that is classic.
The X-files esque captions. You know the ones that were made to look like on the screen they work as an exposition fairy. The cute little improvised hacking device was funny, but the whole "Canteena" title made it hilarious.
Bruce Campbell: The Evil Dead movies…need I say more
OK…the whole Royal Pains commercial where he is writing the letter to "the not funny guy from Good Morning Miami." And one of the objects is a block of C4, "because you never know when you will need a stable plastic explosive."
Honestly, it isn't a deep show, it isn't a trad…