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Even more news

Well I'm just as suprised as you all are, but Running Away is now available online at: http://www. createspace. com/3342099

It is 166 pages and it is $10. It will also be on Amazon within 15 yay on that too. I'll have a link for that one too as soon as I have one.

Novel and Novella 2.0

Life Jump Started: Will be available on Amazon within the next 15 days. Because of some formatting changes the price had to be upped to $12, but it is still less than the $15 on So yay there. It is available for that price at my storefront at
I'll have the Amazon link as soon as they send it to me. I'm hoping to have it sometime this week, but they did say it could take up to 15 days so we will just have to see.

With the new formatting the book has a new cover color, and it coming in at 210 pages.

I've also submitted Running Away to be published on Amazon. I am hoping that with what I learned with the novel it will also be available some time in May. Once it is initally approved it will be available at and then Amazon shortly after that.

Once I have the Amazon link I will be sure to get it posted.