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Keeping Up With the To Do List

Every day there is a list of work I should get done after work. Most days, getting it done isn't too hard.

I make a list. I stick to it. The apartment stays clean. Laundry gets done. Meals are made. My sanity is kept.

Some days, keeping my focus is an uphill battle.

Some days the work day has been so rough that I find it hard to care about the list (today is one of those days).

On those days, I feel guilty for being a slug. Did the groceries get bought? Yes. Did that mean not getting home until almost 8:00. Yes. Should I feel awful that the vacuum wasn't run or the garbage isn't taken out. Maybe? Yes, it would have been a bitch move to ask my boyfriend who is not feeling well help me hang pictures.

Some of it is I wonder if I will have time to get it all done. If it doesn't happen tonight, I have to try to make time for it later in the week. That isn't always possible. Just today on my lunch break I was trying to set up a workout schedule. Since moving in together,…