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Best Christmas Shopping Ever

I hate shopping...and Christmas shopping usually freaks me out.

This has actually been fun.

I started early with a pre cyber Monday (the Monday before) sale, (knocking out about 1/3 of my shopping for $82)

On Black Friday, I took care of another 1/3...from bed...while watching hockey....again for well under $100

Today I took care of one more for  a steal

Now I am down to 1.5 people to shop for. .5 will probably be taken care of tomorrow. 1 on the upcoming Friday.

I have saved so much money and enjoyed being able to shop on my own time and terms. I have even picked up a few things I actually needed (jeans that fit, boots, things I'm not sharing) for steals with free shipping too.

I am pretty excited :-), and I have enjoyed doing the research and finding amazing deals...and I will be done  with my shopping well ahead of the game this year.