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Writing Update

We are officially over 50,000 Page Views on Associated Content. There were a few glitches this month that lowered the over all Page Views, but I am still happy to have reached this Benchmark considering how few articles I have been putting up this month. The focus really has been on the novel and on promoting the material I already have out there. Still 400 page views in 3 days is nothing to be balk at considering I writing and promoting only happens when the full time and the teaching jobs allow.

I may have found an interested publisher for the new novel. The are called Atelier Press, LLC. The are a new, smaller press, but still I think that their vision and my writing may be a good match. Now the catch is I need to haul arse and get the new novel finished. NO I’m not sure how I am going to make the time…and do the regular jobs and all the other writing work, but I’m sure I will figure something out. I did move into the organizational piece last night. I have pages and page…