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30 Day Challenge Day 4: Your Parents

I've been looking at a blank screen for 2 hours...I can't come up with the words for this prompt today :-(

Instead I am going to recycle from my other blog...

It was Labor Day weekend. I had gone home to see dad, and while I was there I stopped by the cemetery. This visit started like most others:
1) Park the car 2) Talk myself out of the car 3) Stand there for a minute until I'm ready to talk
This time I didn't just talk. I yelled. It wasn't fair.  I didn't know what I was doing. I had no idea how we were going to pay for things once the insurance stopped paying. I couldn't find things I needed to find. Despite some valiant efforts from some great people, my first birthday without her was awful. Her choices and mistakes were now on our shoulders. I was mad.
I was mad at my dad too. He is still alive, but with the stroke things had changed. He will always be my Dad, but the parent dynamic isn't the same. He can't get out and take care of his own business,…