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Apparently...I Can Bake

This just in: along with my new found crafty/DIY skills, I have also learned that baking is also in my skill set.

Who Knew?

Apparently, all I needed was an awesome kitchen and a family to bake for.

A couple weeks ago I wanted to make a dessert for a cook out. I was going to make strawberry shortcake, but the logistics were not in my favor. Instead I decided to make a homemade Strawberry pie. I made my own glaze and everything. Amazingly, it was delicious.

Also I am happy to report I did *not* inherit Mom's inability to make crusts. At the aforementioned cookout, we were give fresh peaches. Mark said he wanted a peach cobbler. Knowing that Mom sort of sucked at making those types of pastries, and that I had never made one myself made me a little nervous. I found a recipe online and made some small adjustments. The result: It is amazing.

It will be made again.

I guess the good news is that I am adapting to the domestic life pretty well. The house is clean. Aside from the baking, we …